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MEDRC is a Center of Excellence in Desalination and Water  Reuse Technology established in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, December 1996.

MEDRC Mission Statement

The mission of MEDRC is to contribute to the achievement of peace and stability in the Middle East and North Africa by promoting and supporting the use of desalination to satisfy the needs of the people of this region for available, affordable, clean fresh water for human use and economic development. This is done through the advancement of desalination technology, education in the technology and training in its use, technology transfer, technical assistance, and building cooperation between nations to form the joint projects and international relationships necessary to meet the needs for fresh water.

The Peace Process to resolve the issues of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority that have troubled the Middle East for almost a century included the establishment of MEDRC to assist in meeting the fresh water needs of the parties involved. This is still the first priority of MEDRC. However, MEDRC's activities extend to and benefit the entire region and beyond. MEDRC is advancing the use of desalination and waste water reuse thru regional and international cooperation to overcome current and future world water supply deficiencies.

MEDRC Overview

The human demand for fresh water outstrips our natural supply. Increasingly, even in water rich regions, human engineered desalination is augmenting nature. Nowhere, is the issue of water supply more critical than in the Middle East where competition for precious water resources is a potential threat to peace.

MEDRC's Mission is to promote cooperation on the vital topic of water scarcity in the Middle East. The main objective of the center is to build international project advisory boards and international research partnerships that contribute to lowering the cost of desalination technology, making it more affordable to resolve long term water scarcity needs in the Middle East and North Africa region. This mission has led to a new research strategy geared to granting funds to research project teams composed of organizations and individuals that had never before considered working together.

It is MEDRC's aim to gather and coordinate resources across national boundary lines. MEDRC offers a regional facility for interaction with and among researchers from the region and the world, for partnership projects with the private sector, and a facility for the conduct of training programs and seminars.

Specific MEDRC accomplishments include:

-- Established Center of Excellence in partnership with Palestinian Water Authority for Desalination and Water Reuse.

--More than 200 global experts working with MEDRC in a voluntary capacity.

--Awarded grants for 75 multinational research projects valued at more than $11 million, involving 137 institutional research partners in 34 countries.

-- Coordinated and sponsored more than 34 desalination training programs in the Palestinian National Authority, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and members of the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council.

-- Awarded MSc and Phd scholarships for qualified regional nationals to study at universities outside of the Middle East and North Africa region.

-- Published more than 300 research articles in academic and professional journals based on work performed in MEDRC sponsored research projects.

--Held multiple international expert workshops.






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