Advisory committees

Project Advisory Committees

Each funded research project sponsored by the Center is assigned a Project Advisory Committee (PAC). The PAC members, chosen from the technical community at large, have expertise on the particular topic area. The PAC works with the Project Manager to review the RFP prior to solicitation, to evaluate proposals, to review project progress reports and to provide overall guidance for projects. The PAC also assists the Project Manager in ensuring the project meets the highest technical standards required for the Center-sponsored activities. If any project does not consistently meet these standards, the PAC will assist the Project manager in rectifying the situation with the researcher, or if necessary, provide justification for terminating the project. Each member, and individuals do not serve on committees where there could be perceived conflict of interest. The PAC members are not employed by the Center, but act in a voluntary capacity, in the philanthropic desire to further the state-of-the-art of desalination technology. PAC members may also be RAC members.

Current PAC Members Include:

1 Mr. Mostafa M.Abo El Ella SOGEX Oman
2 Dr.Saif Al-Hiddabi Sultan Qaboos University Oman
3 Dr. Hilal Al-Hinai Sultan Qaboos University Oman
4 Dr.Ahmed Al-Naamany Sultan Qaboos University Oman
5 Dr. Zahid Amjad Noveon, Inc USA
6 Prof. Philippe Aptel Universite Paul Sabatier France
7 Prof. Dionysis Assimacopoulos National Technical University of Athens Greece
8 Prof. Fawzi A. Banat Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan
9 Dr. James D.Birkett West Neck Strategies USA
10 Dr.Roberto Borsani Fisia - Italimpianti SpA Italy
11 Prof. Fida Hussein Butt King Fahd University S.Arabia
12 Prof. Corinne Cabassud National Institute for Applied Sciences France
13 Prof. Amy E. Childress University of Nevada USA
14 Prof. Yoram Cohen University of California USA
15 Dr. Pierre Cote Zenon Environmental Inc. Canada 
16 Prof. Z.F. Cui Oxford University UK
17 Prof. M.A. Darwish Kuwait University Kuwait
18 Dr. Mark Davidson University of Canterbury New Zealand
19 Dr. Euridike E. Delyannis Nat?l. Center for Scientific Research Greece
20 Prof. Enrico Drioli University of Calabria Italy
21 Dr. Steven J. Duranceau Boyle Engineering Corporation USA
22 Dr. Menachem Elimelech Yale University USA
23 Prof. Riyadh El-Khoudary Al Azhar University Palestine 
24 Dr. Yehia M. El Sayed Advanced Energy Systems Analysis USA
25 Prof. Hisham Ettouney Kuwait University Kuwait
26 Prof. Tony Fane University of New South Wales Australia
27 Prof. Mohammed Mehdi Farid University of Auckland New Zealand
28 Mr. Uriyel Fisher Ormat Industries Ltd Israel
29 Dr. Viatcheslav Freger Ben Gurion University of the Negev Israel
30 Mr. David Furukawa Separations Consultants Inc. USA
31 Prof. Klaus Genthner (retired) University of Bremen (Emeritus) Germany
32 Prof. Michael Geyer CIEMAT - Plataforma Solar de Almeria Spain
33 Dr. Heike Glade University of Bremen Germany
34 Prof. Julius Glater University of California USA
35 Dr. Pinhas Glueckstern Mekorot Water Co. Israel
36 Prof. Theo Goosen Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez Mexico
37 Dr. Imad Haffar Nakheel UAE
38 Dr. Atta M. Hassan Saline Water Conversion Corporation Saudi Arabia
39 Prof. David Hasson Technion Institute of Technology Israel
40 Dr. Bas, S.G.J. Heijman Kiwa Water Research Netherlands
41 Dr. Ahmed M. Helal Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority Abu Dhabi
42 Mrs. Lisa Henthorne-Jankel Aqua Resources International USA
43 Dr. Nidal Hilal University of Nottingham UK
44 Late Mr. Don Hornburg Water Consultants International Inc. USA
45 Prof. John A. Howell (retired) University of Bath (Emeritus) UK
46 Mr. Gonzalo P. Izquierdo CIEA-ITC Spain      
47 Dr. Ismat Kamal Fluor Daniel Inc. USA
48 Dr. Bakte A.Kamaluddin Bangladesh Univ. of Engineering & Technology Bangladesh
49 Prof. Anastasios J.Karabelas Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece
50 Prof. Ora Kedem (retired) Ben Gurion University Israel
51 Dr. Maria D. Kennedy IHE Delft Netherlands
52 Prof. Shoji Kimura Kogakuin University Japan
53 Prof. J.F. Klauner University of Florida USA
54 Mr. Sung-Mo Koo Korean Heavy Industries & Construction Korea
55 Prof. P.G. Koutsoukos University of Patras Greece
56 Mr. Herbert Krause Hartman & Braun GmbH & Co. Germany
57 Mr. Ted Kuepper Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center USA
58 Dr. Ashwani Kumar National Research Council Canada 
59 Dr. Oleg D. Linnikov Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Russia
60 Prof. Douglas R. Lloyd University of Texas at Austin USA
61 Prof. Takeshi Matsuura University of Ottawa Canada
62 Dipl.Eng. Heinz Ludwig Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG Germany
63 Prof. V.V. Mahajani University of Mumbai India
64 Mr. Ian D. McGregor (retired) UK
65 Dr. Irving Moch I. Moch and Associates USA
66 Mr. O.J. Morin DSS Consulting Inc. USA
67 Mr. Richard Morris Richard Morris & Associates UK
68 Prof. Safwat Moustafa California Polytechnic State University USA
69 Dr. Hendrik Mueller-Holst TINOX GmbH Germany
70 Dr. Peter Nicoll Modern Water plc UK
71 Prof. Haruhiko Ohya (retired) Yokohama National University (Emeritus) Japan
72 Mr. Rolf Oldach IT Power Limited UK     
73 Mr. Abraham Ophir I.D.E. Technologies Ltd. Israel
74 Dr. George Papadakis Agriculture University of Athens Greece
75 Dr. Alexei Pervov Waterlab Russia
76 Mr. Charlie Paton Light Works Limited UK
77 Late Prof. Robert Rautenbach Aachen University Germany
78 Dr. Magdy Rayan Mansoura University Egypt
79 Dr. Juergen Rheinlaender ZSW Germany
80 Dr. Robert L. Riley Separation Systems International USA
81 Mr. Antoine Riolo Water Services Corporation Malta
82 Dr. Shyam Sablani Sultan Qaboos University Oman
83 Mr. Taher Sajwani Ministry of Electricity & Water Oman
84 Prof. Giulio C. Sarti University of Bologna Italy    
85 Prof. Jan C. Schippers KIWA NV Netherlands
86 Prof. Raphael Semiat Technion Institute of Technology Israel
87 Prof. Uri Shamir Technion Institute of Technology Israel
88 Dr. Roya Sheikholeslami AAA Water Energy Technologies Australia
89 Dr. Corrado Sommariva Mott MacDonald Limited UK       
90 Prof. Heiner Strathmann University of Stuttgart (Emeritus) Germany
91 Dr. Faisal K. Taha Intern. Center for Biosaline Agriculture    UAE
92 Prof. A. Tamimi Jordan University of Science & Technology Jordan
93 Dr. Yoshio Taniguchi Water Re-Use Promotion Center Japan
94 Late Dr. Tom Temperley, OBE UK
95 Mr. Rashed Thabet WI Delft Hydraulics Netherlands
96 Mr. Klaus Thies RWTUV Germany
97 Prof. G.N. Tiwari Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi India
98 Late Dr. W.Badawi Tleimat Water Reuse Technology (WRT) USA
99 Late Dr. Brian Todd Brian Todd Associates UK
100 Ms. Eftihia Tzen Center for Renewable Energy Sources Greece      
101 Prof. Mathias Ulbright University of Duisburg Essen Germany
102 Dr. JoseVeza Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain
103 Mr. Neil Wade (retired) Mott MacDonald Ltd. UK
104 Prof. John C. Walton University of Texas at El Paso USA
105 Mr. Klaus Wangnick Wangnick Consulting GMBH Germany
106 Mr. Ian. Watson RosTek Associates, Inc. USA
107 Late Mr.Bruce Watson Water Consultants International Inc. USA
108 Prof. Matthias Wessling Twente University Netherlands
109 Prof. Dianne E.Wiley University of New South Wales Australia
110 Dr. Mark Wilf Hydranautics USA
111 Mr. Eduardo Zarza CIEMAT - Plataforma Solar de Almeria Spain
112 Dr. Alan Zdunek Illinois Institute of Technology USA