Since 1996 MEDRC has supported 169 water research projects which has involved bringing the best regional and global expertise together along with regional researchers from 34 countries to help find solutions to the challenge of fresh water scarcity in the region and includes Master's and PhD water research fellowships awarded to 115 regional nationals for study internationally, regionally and locally. This work has led to more than 300 publications and supported crucial water research in the part of the world most in need of solutions to fresh water scarcity.

Those research outputs represent a big source of capitalization. Moreover, capitalize is to transform the experience into shareable knowledge. In another way, the capitalization consists in picking up, gathering and sharing all the knowledge generated by the research results. In our case, all research reports, publications and patents.

MEDRC will carry out a work of extracting the main lessons learnt and success stories to present in a form of factsheets highlighting: the key factors of success, the potential of upscaling the technologies or practices to other areas in the MENA region, and the main recommendations.

Prior to that capitalization, an identification of the good practices will be carried out based on criteria such as: Efficiency; if environmentally, economically and socially sustainable; if technically practicable; if it includes a participatory approach; and the most important if it is replicable and adaptable.

A database for those good practices will be set based on specific common meta data for all the projects. Other success stories from regional projects will be added as well. Reports/factsheets will be produced to emphasize the most relevant results of such capitalization. A template has been prepared already (see image below), and the factsheets will be provided soon.

This capitalization will help in valorizing our research results, avoiding to reinvent the wheel for the researchers of the region and learning from success stories.