Executive Council

The MEDRC Executive Council is the governing body of the Center. It approves the Center Strategic Plan and annual budget. As an International Organization, the Council is composed of a representative of each country that has signed the MEDRC Establishment Agreement since 1997. 

These countries are: Oman, United States of America, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Korea, Japan, Spain, Qatar, The Netherlands.

In addition to Executive Council Members, countries appoint a Country Technical Member to provide technical advice.

Members of the Executive Council and Country Technical Representatives

Oman (Chair)

- H.E. Sayyid Badr Hamad Albusaidi, MFA

Eng. Zaher Al Sulaimani, Oman Water Authority

 United States of America (Vice-Chair)

- Mrs. Jill R Smail, State Department

- Mr. Saied Delagah, US Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation


H.E. Eng Saad Abu Hammour, Jordan Valley Authority

- Dr. Khalil Alabsi, Jordan Valley Authority


- Eng. Rebhi El Sheikh, Palestinian Water Authority

- Dr. Omar Awadallah, MFA


- Mr. Haim Regev, MFA

- Mr. Oded Fixler, Israeli Water Authority


- Mr. Saeng Kim, MFA

- Dr. Kyu-hong Ahn, Korea Institute of Science & Technology


- Mr. Jun Nanazawa, MFA

- Mr.Hiroshi Iwahori, Water Reuse Promotion Center


- H.E. Mr Manuel Gomez-Acebo, MFA

- Mr. Angel Cajigas Delgado,Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environmental Affairs  


- Eng. Ali Saif Al Malki, Chairman of the Technical Advisory of the Permanent Water Resources Committee Of Qatar 

- Mr. Sultan Al-Aseeri, Qatar Development Fund


- Mrs. Birgitta Tazelaar, MFA

- Prof. Jan Schippers

Sweden (Observer)

- Mrs. Ulrika Åkesson, Embassy of Sweden/SIWI, Jordan