MEDRC Water Research was established to deal with two of the most pressing global and regional grand challenges; water and peace. It is a unique international organization where ten co-equal partners work together on solutions to fresh water scarcity by supporting research, training, knowledge exchange and capacity building.

MEDRC Headquarters is in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman where it operates a state of the art research and training facility. In delivering its mission MEDRC will become a viable and transferable model for governments seeking a mechanism to address significant regional or trans-boundary environmental challenges.

MEDRC Research Program

  • 169 Projects Sponsored: MEDRC holds a wide-ranging portfolio of 169 water research projects with a total project value of around US$ 12M which has involved bringing the best regional and global expertise together along with regional researchers from 34 countries to help find solutions to the challenge of fresh water scarcity in the region. MEDRC's research programs have been about developing local researchers of tomorrow - scientists and engineers from the region who will lead efforts to attain safe, secure and sustainable water for the people of the Middle East into the future. To this end MEDRC has supported 115 regional nationals with Master's and PhD water research fellowships in its regional and Palestinian fellowships programs.
  • The MEDRC Palestinian Research Scholarship Program that supports MSc and PhD research to address research and capacity needs
  • The Gaza Research Initiative that supports the water related research by and for the people of Gaza.
  • Facilitated Research Services, providing answers to the water research needs of governments and agencies in our region.

MEDRC Training Program 

  • MEDRC is the regional hub for desalination training.
  • We operate a dedicated 3 M3/Hr hour Reverse Osmosis Pilot Plant containing all pre and post treatment systems and instrumentation found on the largest plants.
  • Full range of training programs in Reverse Osmosis and water management.
  • Consultancy in plant optimization, energy efficiency and design.
  • A dedicated Palestinian Training Program to assist the Palestinian Water Authority in its training needs.
  • A Trilateral Training Program.