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MEDRC Fellows (Current)
Adnan Nasser Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Wastewater by Sea Shells (Mother of Pearl) Bir Zeit University
Mazen Nazzal Assessment Study of Using Brackish Water in Basil Plant Irrigation in the Jordan Valley Bir Zeit University
Fahed Hussain Samhan Solar Desalination to Solve the Problem at the On-Site Level: A Case Study at Wadi Al- Maleh Village Bir Zeit University
Redwan Abu Krayeem Seawater Desalination Characteristics Using Variable Combination of NF & RO Membrane Islamic University, Gaza
Fadi Abu-shanab Removal of Strontium & Boron from Sea Water by Activated Carbon from Olive Crushed Seeds Al Azhar University, Gaza
Fulla Sharaf Association of Water Softness (Ca, Mg) with the Occurrence of Osteoporosis Disease in People Aged 30-40 years in the Gaza Strip  Al Azhar University, Gaza
Sabreen Daghra Improvement of Large Scale Waste Water Treatment Plant using Micelle Clay Complex Column and Epuvalisation Technique Bir Zeit University
Ayaa Hisham Obeeis The Impact of Private Sector Participation through the Different Contracting Models on Sustainability of Desalination Plants An Najah National University
Ola Omar Abd  Alhadi The Cost Efficiency of Renewable Energy in Water Desalination An Najah National University
Batool Mustafa Yousef Amarneh Comparison between Different Renewable Energy Applications Using RO System An Najah National University
Rawan Abu Eisheh RO Membrane Fouling Reduction by Using CuZn Filter Al Quds University
Shatala Abdul Basit Snober The Impact of Different Renewable Energies on Desalination from Economical and Environmental Aspects An Najah National University
Mohammad Re'ad Froukh Monitoring Technology for Antiscalants in Desalination Al Quds University
Afnan Fawaz Ahmad Hamad Desalination Development of Improved RO Membrane Pre-treatment Strategy for Brine Volume Reduction An Najah National University
Ahmad Abd Allah Abd El-Fattah Othman Engineering Management and Cost Benefits Analysis for RO Treatment Plant in Jordan Valley An Najah National University
Wala' Jamal Aqel Reusing of Treated Waste Water in Concrete Industries Bir Zeit University
Israa Abdelfattah Sbaih Comparison Between Different Renewable Energy Application in Desalination An Najah National University
Wala’ Faheem Abdealkareem Abdallah Techno-economic Analysis of using RO System for Water Desalination in the Jordan Valley Bir Zeit University
Haneen Al-Sbaihi Epidemiological Study for Assessment of Pathogenic Hazards from Waste Water Reuse in Agriculture Al-Quds University, Gaza Branch
Mohammad El-Komboz Challenges in Microbial Fuel Cell Development in Gaza Strip : Dynamic Modeling of a Realistic Technology for Sustainable Electricity Production and Efficient Waste Water Treatment Islamic University, Gaza
Banan Al-Hallaq Use of Parabolic Dish Solar Households Unit for Water Desalination Islamic University, Gaza
Mahmoud  Al-Batnije Performance Optimization of Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) Desalination Plants (Case Study Gaza Strip) Islamic University, Gaza
Shehda Muhsen Hydro Geophysical Investigation for the Delineation of Sea Water Intrusion into the Freshwater Aquifer of Southern Governorate, South of Gaza Strip Islamic University, Gaza
Ayat Mahdi Stacked Photosynthetic Microbial Desalination Cell (SPMDC) - Case Study Gaza Strip Al Azhar University, Gaza
Heba N. Harara Comparative Study of Reverse Osmosis and Nano-filtration Membranes in Sea Water Desalination Technology in the Gaza Strip Al Azhar University, Gaza
Baker I. Younis Hydraulic and Purification Behavior During Wastewater Treatment in Soil Infiltration Systems ( Case Study: Sheikh Ejleen Post Treatment Unit) Al Azhar University, Gaza
Emad Abu Krayem Assessment of Soil and rubble pollution with heavy metals in the Gaza Strip Al Azhar University, Gaza
Rasheed Matar Disinfection of Treated Waste Water Using Different Parts of Moringa Oleifera Extracts (Case study: Al Sheikh Eglen Waste Water Treatment Plant) Al Azhar University, Gaza
Alaa Baraka Treatment of Organic Pollutants in Water by Nano Particles Embedded on Polymer Al Azhar University, Gaza
Ali Fayez Shakh Ibrahim Growth Enhancement and Alleviation of Deleterious Effects Induced by Salt Stress in Faba Bean (Vicia Faba) by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal An Najah National University
Reem Hassan Omar In vitro Assessment of Salinity Tolerance in Cultivated Tomato (lycopersicon esculentum) An Najah National University
Ihsan Abu Ali Evaluation of different Pearl Millet Ecotypes under Saline Conditions An Najah National University
Baha' Al Deen Ali Natoor Effect of Different Soilless Agriculture Methods on Growth and Irrigation Water Saving of Lettuce An Najah National University
Hana’ Mohammed Jardaneh Effect of Pseudomonas Extremorientalis on Barley Landraces Grown in Saline Stress An Najah National University
Taj Matar Talal Salahat Salt Stress Response in Hydroponic Tomato Treated with Bacillus Licheniformis B2r An Najah National University
Suha Samer Hudhud Investigation of Saline and Brackish Waters Desalination by Carbon Aerogel Technology An Najah National University
Ahmad Muhsen Al-Khaldi Self-cleaning Advanced-treatment Filter for Effluents (SAFE) An Najah National University
Amani Jawad Atta Jabari Optimization of Energy Consumption in Wastewater Treatment Plants Bir Zeit University
Jumana I. Khatib Evaluation & Development of Onsite (grey) Wastewater Reuse and Treatment Guidelines & Standards for Palestinian Territory Bir Zeit University
Ahmed Hindi Assessment of Compatibility of Water Services Prices in Jerusalem Water Undertaking with the Tariff ByLaws and National Water Policy and Strategy  for the Period 2013-2014 Al Quds University
Nusaibah Al-Qasarwa Strategic Assessment  of Nuclear Desalination in Jordan University of Jordan
Yazan Baqaeen Water Distribution Networks Analysis Using Nodal  Flow-Head Relationships University of Jordan
Manal Al-Shraideh Water Governance and Integrity Risk Assessment for Water Sector in Jordan Jordan University  of Science & Technology
Heba Kanaan Coupling Activated Carbon with Surface Active Materials for  Olive Mill Wastewater Treatment Jordan University  of Science & Technology
Mohammad S. Al Gouti Assessing Forward Osmosis as a Potential Alternative Seawater Desalination Technology Islamic University, Gaza
Muath A. Abu Refaa Rescheduling and Managing of Water Distribution in Suburban Areas in the Gaza Strip. Case Study:  Jabalia Municipality Islamic University, Gaza
Ghada A. Abd Al Rahman Evaluation and Enhancement of Non-conventional Storm Water Management in the Gaza Strip Islamic University, Gaza
Abdalrhman J. Shheaber A Chronology Evaluation of Depth-Stratified Groundwater Salinization and Upgrading Effective Monitoring Network in the Gaza Strip Islamic University, Gaza
Ra'fat K. Abu Daba'an Risk Assessment of Boron due to Long Term Reuse of Treated Effluent in Irrigation in Different Soil Textures in the Gaza Strip Islamic University, Gaza
Rania A. Guneim Assessment of Parasitological Water Quality from House Kitchens and Desalination Plants Filters in the Gaza Strip Islamic University, Gaza
Yosor Al-Atrash The Effect of Water Borne Disease on Children's Health due to Climate Change in the Gaza Strip Al Azhar University, Gaza
Ibrahim Al Shaikh Pretreatment of Seawater Using  combined Electrochemical and
Sand Filtration for the Desalination System
Al Azhar University, Gaza
Ghada Al Khateeb Environmental Factors Associated with Common Water Borne Diseases Among Al Shuka Community - Rafa Al Azhar University, Gaza
Abdel Kareem Gharbia Evaluation of Different Antiscalants in Real Operation at R.O. Desalination Plants in the  Gaza Strip Al Azhar University, Gaza
Tarik Ali Wastewater Reuse in Irrigation: a Microbiological Perspective on Implications on Human and Environmental Health (Case Study: El Sheikh Ajlin Waste Water Irrigated Farms) Al Azhar University, Gaza
Ahmed Abu-Jreiban Modelling of Gaza Wastewater Treatment Plants Performance Using Artificial Neural Networks Approach Al Azhar University, Gaza
Osama El Masri Treatment of Harmful Organic Compounds in Waste Water Using Electrocoagulation Method Al Azhar University, Gaza
Laila  Abu Nada (Abd Al Ati) Effect of Saline Irrigation, Water Regime & Potassium Fertilization on Potatoes Growth & Productivity Al Azhar University, Gaza
Beesan Jamal M. Bhais Monitoring of Constructed Wetland for Qrawa Bani Zaid Village Bir Zeit University
Amin Dawabsheh Costs-Benefits Analysis of Treated Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation in Hebron Bir Zeit University
Ghadeer Hanbali Synthesis of 1-(Pyrrol-2-yl)imine Modified Silica as a New Sorbent for the Removal of Chromium VI from Water An Najah National University
Summer Omer Abed El Qadar Measuring Rate of Photosynthesis of Barley Using Olive Mill Wastewater (Zibar) Enhanced by Plant Growth Promotion An Najah National University
Bayan Mohammed Khalaf Purification of Groundwater from Heavy Toxic Metals Using Suspended Polydentate Supported Ligands An Najah National University
Banan Baseem Soudi Portable PV-Powered Water Disinfection and Desalination System for Nomadic Communities in Palestine An Najah National University
Walid Al Zatari Wastewater Disinfection by Synthesized Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles An Najah National University
Ahmad Deeb Nemer Naem Functionalized SiO2 With S-Donor Thiophene For Chromium (VI) Adsorption An Najah National University
Sharhabeel Omar Jebrini Influence of Strigolactones on Growth and Productivity of Cucumber Plant Grown Under Salt Stress An Najah National University
Deena Khudariah Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Porous SiO2 Material Functionalized with C,C-Pyridylpyrazole Acceptor for Cr(VI) Removal from Waste Water An Najah National University
Ala Ibrahim Abu Ayyash Characterization and Treatment of Al-Menya Landfill Leachate Using Biological – Physical Methods Al Quds University
Jehad Abo-Al Rob Polymerase Chain Reaction for Detection of Waterborne Bacterial Pathogens in Potable Water in Tubas District Al Quds University
Wisal Muhammed Khderat Application of In-House Prepared Nanoparticles for Tanneries Effluent Treatment Al Quds University
Reem Hammouri Evaluation of Excess Sludge Reduction in (OSA) activated sludge process University of Jordan
Feras Al-Amaireh Evaluation of Excess Sludge Reduction in (OSA) activated sludge process University of Jordan


MEDRC Fellows (Alumni)


Samer El Namara Applying Value Engineering Concept in Project Life Cycle Case Study: Deir El Balah Desalination Plant Islamic University, Gaza
Mohamad Said Darwish Characterization of Ammonia Removal from Municipal Wastewater using Microwave Energy Islamic University, Gaza
Farid Said Ashour Removal of Detergents from Treated Wastewater by Activated Carbon Produced from Olives Crushed Seeds Islamic University, Gaza
Tarek Abu Ramadhan The Effect of Wetting and Drying Periods on the Fate of Nitrogen Species During Soil Aquifer Treatment Operation under Gaza City Conditions Al Azhar University, Gaza
Roba Al Mobayed Effect of Major Cations on the Behavior of Ammonia during Wastewater Reuse Using Batch Experiment: Case Study Gaza Wastewater Plant Al Azhar University, Gaza
Mohammed Nazik Rehan An Investigation on Soil Aquifer Treatment for Sustainable Water Re-Use- Case Study: New North Gaza New Infiltration Basins (NGEST Project) Al Azhar University, Gaza
Mahmoud Khamis Al-Qedra Solar System using Parabolic Trough  Collector for Water Desalination Islamic University, Gaza
Amjed Samir Ouda Investigate the Boron Content Reduction from Seawater RO Permeate by Ion Exchange Method (Case Study: SWRO Desalination Plan of Gaza Power Station) Islamic University, Gaza
Hussam Al Borsh Solar Energy to Optimize the Cost of SWRO Desalination Plant Islamic University, Gaza
Mahmoud R. Sulyman Review the Legal Side & Reform the  Institutional Framework of Water Sector in Palestine Islamic University, Gaza
Khayri S. Attaallah Effect of Irrigation with Reclaimed Waste Water on Soil Properties and Ground Water Quality in Zaiton Area, Gaza Al Azhar University, Gaza
Samaher M. Abdeljawad Modeling of Reverse Osmosis Desalination  Plants Performance in the Gaza Strip using Artificial Neural Networks Al Azhar University, Gaza
Ibraheem Abu Sultan Waste Water Reuse Tariff for Agriculture in the Gaza Strip                 Islamic University, Gaza
Nisreen Badr Enhancement of Salinity Tolerance in Dianthus Cryophyllus L. (Omaggio) using In Vitro Selection Technique and Isolation of Potential Salinity Tolerance Genes from Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum L.   Islamic University, Gaza
Mazen Albattnigi Impact of Desalination Plants on Surrounding Environment and Public Health in Gaza City Islamic University, Gaza
Omran Dahdoh Performance Evaluation of Sand Filter in Improvement of Effluent Water Quality from Gaza Waste Water Treatment Plant (GWWTP) Islamic University, Gaza
Fakher Al Kord Recharging of Harvested Rooftop Rainwater  – Gaza Case Study Islamic University, Gaza
Taleb Seyam Optimal Energy Consumption Design of  Large Scale Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems Islamic University, Gaza
Diea Abo asee Comparative study between the Performance of  Nanofiltration & RO  Membranes in Desalination of Saline Water Islamic University, Gaza
Hussein Y. Al-Najjar Onsite Waste Water Treatment for Semi-Urban Areas (Abason Case Study) Islamic University, Gaza
Rasha Omar Sludge & Wastewater Reuse for Crop Production & the Impact on Plant Morphology  (Case Study: Sheikh Ajleen Treatment Plant )     Al Azhar University, Gaza
Najma Abu Jamee Effectiveness of Electrochemical Treatment "Electrocoagulation" of Municipal Sewage for Waste Water Reuse in Irrigation. Case Study: SheikhElein Wasterwater Treatment Plant Al Azhar University, Gaza
Reena Hamouda Drinking Water Treatments using Sand Filters Prepared by Local Media from Gaza Strip Al Azhar University, Gaza
Basem Sirdah Enhancement of the Efficiency of Infiltration Basins for Effluent Recharge (Case Study: Northern Gaza New Infiltration Basins) Islamic University, Gaza
Ahmed Abu Ward The Impact of Ozonation on Wastewater Treatment and Disinfection Islamic University, Gaza
Hassan Taweel Environmental Impacts of Brine Disposal to the Sea (Case study: Deir Al Balah SWRO Plant) Islamic University, Gaza
Rinad Jalal Yahya Hamed Phytoremediation for Treatment of Generated Brine Water from Reverse Osmosis Plant An Najah National University
Imad Ghanma Impact of Using Desalinated Water on Chemical & Physical Characteristics of Heavy Saline Soil Bir Zeit University
Ibtisam Abu Al Haija Impact of Irrigation with Desalinized Brackish Water on the Productivity and Fruit Quality of Tomato Crop Planted in Heavy Saline Soil in  Marj Na'aja Village Bir Zeit University
Jalal Bsharat Feasibility of Membrane Based Treatment Technologies for Brackish Water Desalination and Effluent Reclamation in the Jordan Valley Bir Zeit University
Samer Yousef Performance Test &  Techno Economic Evaluation of a PV Powered RO & Brackish Water Desalination System in the West Bank An Najah National University
Sukainah Sulaiman Hasan Al-Ratrout Synthesis of Fouling Resistant Ultrafiltration Membranes from Nanostructured Composites for Water Treatment Applications Jordan University of Science & Technology
Sawsan Shatanawi Hydrological Analysis of Wadis draining to the Gulf of Aqaba: Flash Floods Mitigation and Risk Management of Selected Watersheds  (including Water Supply aspects)    University of Jordan
Sawsan Elmasri Proposed Public Private Partnership to Improve the Water and Sanitation Services in Palestine Islamic University, Gaza
Riad Mohamad Water Desalination, Supplied Water Costs, Total Costs and Benefits. Al Quds University
Mohammed Najjar Engineering Management and Financial Analysis of Al Fashkha Springs Desalination Project Bir Zeit University
Jamal Omar Mohamad Amarah Removal of Methylene Blue from Industrial Wastewater in Palestine Using Polysiloxane Surface Modified with Bipyrazolic Tripodal Receptor An Najah National University
Hassan S. Al Najjar Numerical Modeling of Brine Disposal for Gaza Central Seawater Desalination Plant Islamic University, Gaza
Ahmed Musabeh Electrocoagulation of some Herbicide in Aqueous Solutions Using Different Electrodes Al Azhar University, Gaza
Ms. Amal Qarroot Using Solar Evaporation Ponds for the Treatment of the Desalination Plants (Gaza Strip Case Study) Islamic University, Gaza
Ismail Abu Hasaneen Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Using Evacuated Tube Collectors on the Performance of Stepped Solar Still Islamic University, Gaza
Zobaidah A. Al-Zghoul Solar Desalination with Solar Still having Phase Change Material and Connected to a Solar Collector Jordan University of Science & Technology
Nadia Al-Shamot Evaluation of Fog Harvesting in Dabab/Al-Karak as a Fresh Water Source University of Jordan
Tasneem Tawalbeh Water Requirements of the Jordanian Nuclear Power Reactors  (including assessing the suitability of the As-Smra wastewater treatment plant effluent for nuclear reactors cooling) Jordan University of Science & Technology