Executive Council

MEDRC's Executive Council is the governing body of the Center. It approves the Center Strategic Plan and annual budget. As an International Organization, the Council is composed of a representative of each country that has signed the MEDRC Establishment Agreement since 1997. 

These countries are: Oman, United States of America, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Korea, Japan, Spain, Qatar, The Netherlands.

In addition to Executive Council Members, countries appoint a Country Technical Member to provide technical advice.

Members of the Executive Council and Country Technical Representatives

Oman (Chair)

- H.E. Sayyid Badr Hamad Albusaidi, MFA

Eng. Zaher Al Sulaimani, Oman Water Authority

 United States of America (Vice-Chair)

- Dr. Peter Howard, US State Department

- Mr. Saied Delagah, US Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation


H.E. Eng Saad Abu Hammour, Jordan Valley Authority

- Dr. Khalil Alabsi, Jordan Valley Authority


- Eng. Rebhi El Sheikh, Palestinian Water Authority

- Dr. Omar Awadallah, MFA


- Mr. Haim Regev, MFA

- Mr. Oded Fixler, Israeli Water Authority


- Mr. Byoung Sun Choi, MFA

- Dr. Seung Hyun Kim, Kyungnam University


- Mr. Yutaka Kashiwabara, MOFA

- Dr. Hideo Iwahashi, Water Reuse Promotion Center


- Mrs Eva Martínez, MFA

- Mr. Angel Cajigas Delgado,Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environmental Affairs  


- Eng. Ali Saif Al Malki, Chairman of the Technical Advisory of the Permanent Water Resources Committee Of Qatar 

- Mr. Sultan Al-Aseeri, Qatar Development Fund


- Mrs. Birgitta Tazelaar, MFA

- Mr. Job Kleijn

Sweden (Observer)

- Mrs. Ulrika Åkesson, Embassy of Sweden/SIWI, Jordan