Center Director’s Welcome

Ciarán Ó Cuinn, Center Director of MEDRC

MEDRC exists to address two of the greatest regional and global grand challenges facing us today - securing peace and environmental sustainability. Working in the context of the Middle East Peace Process, MEDRC is a unique International Organisation that works to build solutions to fresh water scarcity across borders and divisions.

For 16 years MEDRC has led a multi-million dollar program of support for cross-border water research projects across the Middle East. In the years ahead this commitment to supporting research will deepen further, with a significant focus on research into solutions to the urgent desalination and water needs of areas experiencing humanitarian crisis.

In terms of training, thanks to the support of our country members and enterprise supporters we now operate a state-of-the-art training facility that is unrivalled internationally. This has enabled MEDRC take up the role of regional desalination and water reuse training hub where we supply all levels of water training and consultancy to governments and enterprise.

Crucially however, the commitment of MEDRC to development assistance is what sets us apart. We support significant scholarship, training and research support programs that help address the water needs of our Palestinian and Jordanian colleagues in particular. The years ahead will see a significant expansion of our activities in this field.

I hope this website is of use to you in getting a deeper understanding of our work and impact. If you have any suggestions, ideas for collaboration or if you simply want to get in touch please do not hesitate to make contact.